Blogging – Does the Frequency Matter?

Someone told me that once you start blogging, you need to do it daily. I don’t really believe that. It depends on why you are blogging. If you need to write every day, you need to find something interesting to say every day. If not interesting, it should be something useful. But I know that there are days I neither have anything interesting or useful to say (IMO).  Some days I may have something but just may not have the time to blog.

So I decided on a compromise. I will not blog daily but will write whenever I feel like. I may mostly point you to other interesting blogs I read. I may add a comment or two.  Or do short posts like these. I hope that is ok.

2 thoughts on “Blogging – Does the Frequency Matter?

  1. This is the question haunting me for quite some time. Happy to get inspired. Thanks Next time you are at Chennai back, need some tutions to clean up ny blogging –

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