Programming: Just a means to an end?

Our youth is easily influenced. Let’s remind ourselves that programming, no matter what construct you use, is just a means to an end. More often than not the code needs to get the job done and doesn’t need stupid tag lines and catch phrases like “enterprise” and “encapsulation”.

Once in a while, you read a post, sit back and laugh till your stomach hurts and tears start streaming down your eyes. It may be the style of the author or it may be the content of the post. This is one of those gems. I am glad that I find them once in a while.

Once in a while you watch an expert at work. I watched Sid code a small app in Django today. It was like watching some super performer. He was talking aloud for my benefit on how to design tests, how to keep refining the code. Once in a while, he would say “that works, but the code looks ugly” and would fix it instantly. I sat with him for more than three hours watching the little app take shape, right in front of my eyes.

I learned a lot today. I think I learned not only how simple experts make things look. I learned a lot about fluency. I wish I had spent time sitting next to some of the super programmer friends of mine, watching them work.

Overall it is a good day. I wish I had many like this.

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