Sharing Information and Knowledge

There are many ways to share information. Some of them may take just a few minutes. You can choose to spend as little or as much time as you want.

1. Tweets – less than a minute

2. Facebook Posts – A couple of minutes

3. Mini-posts (like this one) – About 5 mts

4. A regular post (about 200 words) – an hour or more

5. An article (about 500 words) – a few hours

In all the forms described above, you post and others consume (a bit of a broadcast mode). There are other methods as well which are more like interactions (asynchronous – meaning you don’t have to be at the same place at the same time).

1. Amplify (a larger tweet) Post

2. A bundle (using something like – collection of posts on a particular topic

3. A comment on a blog post – While the writing time may not be much, reading, understanding the post, understanding other comments etc. may take a while.

4. An answer to a question on Quora 

5. A commentary of an article or a book review in your blog or in places like Amazon (where it is more visible)

6. Answering comments on your own blog

7. Editing/commenting on a wiki page or participating in a Debate with a tool like debate graph.

There may be many others. If you think I missed an important one, please point them out.

2 thoughts on “Sharing Information and Knowledge

  1. Hi Dorai! How about chatting? We can share the info through chatting also. Especially in a messenger like Yahoo, we have different chat rooms for different areas. We can share our information through this also. Am I right?

    And, everything here is related to technology. How about sharing it with our friends and others while chatting with them in our workplace or break time… This is the most common way of sharing some information which was in practice knowingly and unknowingly for longer period of time.

    1. We can add it to the list. But it is very personal most of the time and more frequently it is one on one. It certainly cannot be reshared unless you save it and publish it.

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