What Analyst Coverage Tells You

Application Development & Integration
Business Intelligence
Business Process Management
Consumer Technologies
Customer Relationship Management
Data Management & Integration
Emerging Trends & Technologies
Enterprise Architecture
Enterprise Business Applications & ERP
High Performance Workplace
IT Asset Management
IT Management
IT Operations
Mobile & WirelessNetworking & Communications Equipment
Networking & Communications Services
Open Source
Outsourcing & IT Services
PCs, Laptops & Handheld Devices
Print Markets & Management
Regulatory Compliance
Security & Privacy
Servers & Storage
Small & Midsize Business
Software Markets
Supply Chain
Web Services

Thinking Aloud

There are several ideas that pop in your head when you see a list like this:

1. If you are a product company, is your product category in this list? If it is you can get a lot of useful information about the market, competitors, partners.
2. You can find some correlation between areas of coverage, industries and analysts (not very obvious from this list but can certainly be teased out.

As for me, I was happy to find “Emerging Trends & Technologies” listed here. Our new products and services are about providing tools and services to “Mine Opportunities in Emerging Technologies and Leverage Emerging Trends”.

2 thoughts on “What Analyst Coverage Tells You

  1. I think the category is for analysts to identify “emerging trends and technologies” not tools for Gartner’s customers to identify “emerging trends and technologies.” I think you are offering tools for
    “social media surveillance”
    “technology forecasting”
    “competitive intelligence”
    “scenario planning”

    1. That is what some of our current tools do – InfoMinder and InfoStreams, but the current one – InfoPro is to provide Emerging Technology Intelligence. I need to dig a bit deeper into the Gartner category.

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