LinkLog: Future of Programming Languages

What is the future of programming languages?

  • Is it functional?
  • Is it declarative or rule based?
  • Is it a mixture of functional and object oriented?
  • Do we need a special language that supports parallelism and multi-core?
  • Do we need an end to end web development language?
  • Do we need something that seamlessly supports the major abstractions in cloud computing?
  • Can JVM/CLR scale to multi-core since many languages are being built on top of them?

A power panel of language designers, authors share their opinions:

Guy Steele was involved in the creation or standardization of Lisp, Scheme, C, Fortran, EcmaScript, Java, and Fortress. Douglas Crockford is the author of “JavaScript: The Good Parts”, the creator of JSON. Josh Bloch led the design of core parts of the JDK. Alex Payne is the co-author of Programming Scala. Bruce Tate is author of “Seven Languages in Seven Weeks”.

They talk about Scala, Clojure, Javascript, JVM/CLR based languages and touch on Erlang and Haskell. Here is the link to the panel on the Future of Programming Languages.