LinkLog: Machine Learning Blogs

This post is all in French. But both the visualization and links looked useful. So copy pasted the text into Google translator and here is the result (with some minor editing).

A small exploratory tour to see what is being done on the side of blogs on the “machine learning”. I ran the crawler developed on the theme marama machine learning using as entry points for a list of blogs found on metaoptimize. After some cleaning that is what gives the graph (with visualization Gephi).


You can download the pdf by clicking the image .

We identify three large clusters fairly well “machine learning” at the top, “more theoretical math” in the middle and “math education” at the bottom. Community extracted by the algorithm is quite small, blogging machine learning have a priori all blog-roll and therefore has a weak community structure.

Well, I think we need to do something about that weak community structure.


When you see something like this, it provokes a few thoughts. How much of the good web are we missing because we don’t know a language like French or German or Chinese? I use a Readability plugin in my firefox. What happens, if it combines a Google transalator?

Better still, why can’t there be a browser setting that automatically detects your language preference and shows the translated page?