A Small Experiment With Facebook Groups

Yesterday about 20 of us met at a Subway restaurant to what is termed a “Nerd Dinner”. It started with an event page created on Facebook to which I got an invite. I happened to be around that area conducting a workshop. So I decided to drop in and check it out.

It was a great gathering. About 20 of us jabbering on various tech topics and wide ranging discussions. It was kind of free for all and very energetic for a while.

So I decided to create a group so that we can continue the discussions. This time instead of the usual Google groups, we thought of trying a Facebook group.

This morning I created a group, added about 5 key members who are very active in tech community and made them all administrators. I was not prepared for what happened next.

In a mere 8 hours after my initial creation, there were 199 people in the group. We got so excited, we started posting a lot and that probably turned off a bunch of people so a few dropped out. Even then, the count stands at about 194 now.

I need to study the facebook group phenomenon a bit more closely. This never happened to any groups I created before. If you want to check it out here is Nerd Dinner Chennai.

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