LinkLog: World Bank Institute on Innovation

One of my hobbies is to study innovation and gather innovation frameworks. When you look at the instruments of innovation, you get ideas to borrow from.

A bit of background – I conduct workshops on exploring innovation and mentor innovation cells at colleges (two so far). So, when I found the largest innovation initiative in the world, I could not resist creating this post.

Disclosure. All the (indented) content below  comes from the World Bank Institute’s Innovation Brochure. Please head over there to study it in more detail. Participate, if you can.

We are guided by these lessons:
• Leadership is the best predictor of innovation outcomes
• Innovation requires clarity of purpose, funded creativity, and focused execution
• Networks of partners, clients, and other stakeholders promote and sustain innovation
• Technology and social media are powerful tools to accelerate innovation

Our audience
Social entrepreneurs, civil society, governments and
policymakers, media, software developers, World Bank
Group staff, and other development professionals

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