How Will You Find?

If you are a technology based start-up with an idea for a product, you have to ask yourself a few questions. Here are some questions that come to mind.

How will you find :

  1. Whether some one will use the product if you build it?
  2. Whether anyone will pay for your product?
  3. Whether the product you are thinking about is not already done? Or freely available?
  4. Who the early adopters may be and how to connect with them?
  5. What the attractive price point for early customers?
  6. Who your typical customer is?
  7. How to come up with the simplest message to convey the essence of your product?

It is worth thinking about these and other similar questions. You may find some of the answers doing research on the internet or selectively tracking social media. You may find some answers talking to a few entrepreneurs who have done it before.

You may, however, find a lot more by creating a very simple subset (a minimum viable product) and just inviting people to use it.

In future posts we will look at these and other questions and talk about some techniques for getting these questions answered.

2 thoughts on “How Will You Find?

    1. Sean,

      This is a lead to a series of articles – one on each question. Obviously we can use InfoMinder, Infostreams and InfoPro to find answers to some of these questions. But I first need to introduce the concept of Market Intelligence, Industry Intelligence, Technology Intelligence and Customer Intelligence.

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