LinkLog: Using Twitter for Events

How To Incorporate Twitter Into Your Event

This is a great post with very useful information on how to use Twitter for your events. The comments show a few  more ideas.

Based on some of the things we did for a few events, here are a few more things you can do.

  1. Host a pre-event (or during the event) tweetup
  2. Create a list  of people who want to tweet
  3. Have a couple of people from the show organization tweet logistics and other details
  4. Have an ask-event twitter address for people to send event related questions
  5. Create hash tags for sessions too (that may help very specific session related tweets)
  6. Include Tweeters and Bloggers in the Credits page for the event (recognition helps a lot)
  7. Have an informal Tweeter’s lunch table or breakfast on the first day of the event or as pre-event.