If You Are a Product Startup Building a WebApplication…

If you are a product start-up building a web application here is some good advice from Programming Google App Engine:

If you delay your launch to build big, you miss the opportunity to improve your product using feedback from your customers. Building big before allowing customers to use the product risks building something your customers don’t want.

Small companies usually don’t have access to large systems of servers on day one. The best they can do is to build small and hope meltdowns don’t damage their reputation as they try to grow. The lucky ones find their audience, get another round of funding, and halt feature development to rebuild their product for larger capacity. The unlucky ones, well, don’t. But these days, there are other options. Large Internet companies such as Amazon.com, Google, and Microsoft are leasing parts of their high-capacity systems using a pay-per-use model.

This is such a relief. These services take a chunk of your worry away and let you focus on your application and the initial customer interaction.

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