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Google hopes to remake programming with Go
CNET News – San Francisco,CA,USA
Go also is designed to tackle one of today's big challenges, multicore processors. Go's libraries supply resources for handling concurrency,
Intel Software Network Blogs » Videochat with Microsoft's Steve
By Michael J Huelskoetter
This means two things: first, "multi-threading and parallel programming" is a hot topic and second, that software developers are really looking for decent information regarding parallel computing. Seems as if the time has come that
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Message Passing Concurrency in Erlang
By Sujana
Message Passing Concurrency in Erlang. November 10th, 2009 · No Comments. ØREDEV, Developer conference was held from Nov 2nd to 6th in Malmö, Sweden. The conference was founded in 2005 by Jayway and Dotway, two companies comprised of –
TechEd: Four top tips for parallel-enabling your software from
By softtalkblog
SoftTalk – multicore and parallel programming. For software developers interested in the issues around multicore processors, multithreaded applications and the optimisation of programs for multi- and many-core processors. Expert articles and opinion, case studies, It struck me as interesting that three of these strategies related to the user experience, so perhaps manycore processors will enable us to be much more innovative with the experience we deliver to users.
SoftTalk – multicore and parallel… –
TechEd Parallel Computing for Managed Developers « SoftTalk
SoftTalk – multicore and parallel programming Im in Berlin this week reporting from Microsoft TechEdsee the parallel computing highlights listed here

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