What Do You Need for Building A Product Building Eco-system?

Here are a few I can think of:

1. More Research In Colleges
2. Increased Awareness of Entrepreneurship among both faculty and students
3. Tolerance for Failure (teaching how to fail quickly and cheaply)
4. A good network of angels, mentors, investors
5. A good knowledge of Trends in the industry
6. Knowledge of Markets and Customers
7. Idea and product incubators (that not only provide infrastructure but help in business development too)

There may be many more. Feel free to add your item here.

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3 thoughts on “What Do You Need for Building A Product Building Eco-system?

  1. Tolerance for failure is the biggest one.

    People mostly cannot separate a person from their startup, and a failed venture implies a failed person (atleast among most people I know). This should change.

    1. @yuvi Thanks. I agree. I think it is a big cultural shift. I think it also depends on how entrepreneurs set expectations. VCs know this when they fund companies only a few are going to succeed. I think setting up labs in colleges and allow experimentation will at least shift the mindset.

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