Python Links: Jump, Obspy, Pyke, Pyjamas, Execnet and more…

From build tools to classes for seismological observatories

  1. jump 0.9.6

    jump 0.9.6 Jump is a build tool for distributing Jython applications.

  2. obspy.core 0.1.3dev-r737

    obspy.core 0.1.3dev-r737 ObsPy core classes, Python for Seismological Observatories

  3. ckanclient 0.2

    ckanclient 0.2 The CKAN client Python package.

  4. pyke 1.0.4

    pyke 1.0.4 Python Knowledge Engine and Automatic Python Program Generator

  5. Unum 4.1.0

    Unum 4.1.0 Units in Python

  6. Find all subclasses of a given class (Python)

    Find all subclasses of a given class (Python) Python recipe 576949 by Gabriel Genellina (class, extending, inheritance, plugin, python3, subclass, subclasses, type). Revision 3. itersubclasses(cls) returns a generator over all subclasses of cls, in depth first order. cls must be a new-style class; old-style classes are not supported. Gabriel Genellina

  7. Pyjamas 0.7~pre1

    Pyjamas 0.7~pre1 Pyjamas Widget API for Web applications, in Python

  8. scriptine 0.1.0

    scriptine 0.1.0 python shell scripts made easy

  9. python-djvulibre 0.1.15

    python-djvulibre 0.1.15 Python support for the DjVu image format

  10. execnet 1.0.0b2

    execnet 1.0.0b2 execnet: elastic Python deployment

  11. Simple primes generator (Python)

    Simple primes generator (Python) Python recipe 576948 by Maxime Fontenier (any, generator, numbers, primes). Simple prime generator. I write it as a sample usage of the any function. Maxime Fontenier

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