Open Government – An Application of Collective Intelligence?

This is one of those blogs, where I have very little to add. I think it is a brilliant idea and would like to see how it develops. From the Open Government site:

Some questions to consider in formulating ideas include:

  • How might the operations of government be made more transparent and accountable?
  • How might federal advisory committees, rulemaking or electronic rulemaking be better used to drive greater expertise into decisionmaking?
  • What alternative models exist to improve the quality of decisionmaking and increase opportunities for citizen participation?
  • What strategies might be employed to adopt greater use of Web 2.0 in agencies?
  • What policy impediments to innovation in government currently exist?
  • What is the best way to change the culture of government to embrace collaboration?
  • What changes in training or hiring of personnel would enhance innovation?
  • What performance measures are necessary to determine the effectiveness of open government policies?

A few comments:

1. Many open questions

2. A mention of Open Linked Data in addition to Web 2.0 would have been better

3. Combined with other intersting initiatives like Apps for America, this is one of the cool ways of harvesting the collective intelligence of the people.

2 thoughts on “Open Government – An Application of Collective Intelligence?

  1. I stumbled on to your blog and was equally intrigued by some of the questions. Having worked in government IT (one of the best Government IT in the world) the answers to these questions are not easy. I am going to be conducting a workshop on Government 2.0 soon for a major government in Asia and hopefully will find some answers to the questions that you have raised.

    The government IT that I worked for about 13 years ago has changed direction and lost momentum. My blog post here at: is an exhortation to them. Hopefully it makes sense and establishes my philosophical orientation. Please visit my blog. Incidentally we have common friends in Congruent. Ballu and me go back over 20 years.

    1. Mr. Iyer,
      Thank you for visiting my blog. If you visit Chennai, I would love to meet you. I can do the same when I visit Singapore. I spend about half my time in US and the other half in Chennai. I will visit your blog and connect with you again some time next week.


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