LinkLog: Brainstorming Rules

From this amazing post A Complete List of 100 Attributes of People Who Start Companies

  1. Don’t allow criticism of ideas;
  2. Quantity over quality;
  3. Encourage wild, even dumb ideas; and
  4. Hitchhike on others’ ideas.
  5. Have fun, laugh a lot;
  6. Stay on topic;
  7. Realize that some people will not be comfortable speaking out;
  8. Acknowledge people’s ideas verbally and by their name;
  9. Brainstorm alone, first;
  10. Do not dominate the session yourself, talk less;
  11. it’s a real skill to facilitate a good brainstorming session, learn by practicing;
  12. Not all brainstorming sessions are called that, most just happen;
  13. Think about the five senses constantly and how they impact the topic;
  14. Be one of the first to present a really terrible, stupid idea, then laugh about it;
  15. Don’t give any rewards or bonuses for good ideas–it will stifle future sessions.

7 thoughts on “LinkLog: Brainstorming Rules

    1. Shantha,
      Thanks. Twitter power. But the original post from which this came is really cool too. As an entrepreneur, you may relate to many of his points.

  1. Great list of ideas. I especially agree with thinking about the five senses. That’s what creates emotion/passion which takes everything to a much higher level. Passion is what sets an idea apart in business or art.

    1. Damir,
      Thanks. The ideas are not mine. I found them so compelling (from a larger set of observations), I decided to create a linklog. I agree that when teams work together, it is better to be aware of different senses and multiple intelligences at play.

  2. Hello

    What is brainstorming, it’s getting people together to think of the top of their heads. What is happening in their brains, I think what is happening is that people are allowing random thoughts to filter thought their normal thoughts, this thinking is not normally encouraged as it represent a challenge to the authority structures of most business. Most people think in straight lines one idea followed by another idea. Some people think laterally and they see multiple ideas all at once, and they pick the one they think is suitable. These lateral thinkers can provide a deluge of ideas in a fraction of a second.

    I think you need both sorts, laterally thinkers to produce bucket loads of ideas and single thinkers to filter lateral thinkers ideas.

    Which one are you?



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