Twitalyzer – Made Me Smile

I was reading this cool article about 8 Excellent Tools for Extracting Insights from Twitter Streams. I started first with Twitalyzer and tried it with three of my Twitter accounts @dorait @tektrends and @pylinks. @dorait has been around for a while, but tektrends and pylinks were started more recently.

I looked at my account analytics and burst out laughing. I seem to have pathetic influence and do pretty bad on all the metrics. The only redeeming feature seems to be that the signal to noise ratio is pretty decent. I think I need to get a life 🙂

Here are the images. If you want to try it yourself, just go to Twitalyzer and type your acccount name (or any one else’s)

Twitter Profile for dorait
Twitter Profile for dorait



3 thoughts on “Twitalyzer – Made Me Smile

  1. Ha! You and me both. 😉

    It’s sad that people are so fixated by numbers. Tools like Twitalyzer reinforce that. I find TweetStats and TwitterFriends much more interesting.

    I know for sure that you’re influencing me, and I’m quite certain that you’re influencing many others as well. At the end of the day, I hope that this — along with the learning you acquire from synthesizing your thinking — encourages you to continue to share!

    1. Eugene,
      Thanks. I smiled because Twitter or these tools have no way of finding out whom you really want to follow. But I am glad that they provide some interesting metrics. I was happier with the Signal/Noise ratio and generosity scores. I think I need to improve on the generosity one, quite a bit.


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