LinkLog: Social Networks for Creative People, Medici effect, Twitter…

Top 10 Social Networks for Creative People

Besides the usual suspects like Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, Twitter, Ning, there were a few I have not heard of – Behance Network, Shape Shifters, likemind etc.

Twitter as a Tool for Business talks about how to go viral on Twitter and have your message, content retweeted.

Medici Effect (some thing I was blissfully unaware of, till today) – “out of seemingly random combinations have come groundbreaking ideas that have created whole new fields” and the innovative power of intersectional teams

My favorite uses of  Twitter includes the following:

  • Discovering information (for example by following people who tweet about Semantic Web, I get new links to articles etc.)
  • Short, quick discussions – There is something about 140 characters that makes it easy to have short quick discussions
  • Tracking trends (at least trends on Twitter)
  • Spreading news – by retweeting most of the time
  • Asking questions in context – When someone tweets, they establish a context for questions and clarifications
  • Studying interaction patterns – Watching human interaction can be interesting in itself. On Twitter it is a lot more fun
  • Keeping in touch with the family and friends – For quick news/event exchange, Twitter is great
  • Doing some research – While Twitter search is not great, it is reasonable for some quick research
  • Reading News – The top news percolates to the top (retweets). It is also filtered since the people and news bots you follow determine the kind of news that you want to read. Really important news appears real time far ahead of conventional news sources