The Role of Collective Intelligence in Learning

This is an amazing video, a well articulated, very different view of learning.  Here are some snippets:

  • Web is a hyper-personalized, hyper-individualized medium for learning content
  • We still need schools, since they provide the community that inspires people to participate in learning together
  • How can we get the students intelligence involved in learning?
  • Inspiring good questions (instead of giving them the answers)
  • Inspire each student to become an expert in a small part of the subject and have them share it with others
  • Create spaces where people can come together and learn together and inspire one another
  • Tests cannot be the center-piece of learning. It can be one of the many (but not the major) method of evaluation
  • Create a playful (fun) but serious learning environment (I think this is the greatest challenge)
  • Provide facilities for grabbing any information from anywhere


I found the link to this video on Twitter (like many other links I find nowadays). I have to thank @TheTransitioner who posts many valuable resources on collective intelligence.

5 thoughts on “The Role of Collective Intelligence in Learning

  1. Hi,

    I have always felt the same way…but given the prevailing social & corporate scenario…do you really feel its practical in the near future?


  2. @Ash. Thanks for sharing that. I think it can happen incrementally. While it may be possible to do it with some subjects, it may be more difficult with some others. This also means new skills for the teachers. It is certainly worth trying, even on an experimental basis.


  3. Dorai,
    have you read about or seen the TED video on the ‘Hole in the Wall’ experiment conducted by Dr Sugata Mitra?
    an interesting inference was about collective learning about rural kids in India, where there are interesting patterns such as elders learning from youngsters and the average knowledge [such as vocabulary] is pretty much the same in a group.

    1. Siva,
      I have. I show it some times in the talks I give. It is an amazing piece of work. Do you see a connection between that and the collective intelligence in learning?


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