How Can I Help?

The inspiration for a social network came from Reddit (some what indirectly). Here is the sequence of events that lead me to create it.

  1. A month ago, a friend (Mei Lin Fung) requested me to create a social network on “I want to help Program For the Future”. I thought it was a cool idea. I thought that a more generic version –  “I want to Help” may be even more useful.
  2. I received an email that edgen  was following me on Twitter. I normally check out the people who are trying to follow me and follow some of them back. I do this by reading a few recent posts. Among the posts, I saw a reference to <a href=” “>Feed a Need</a>, and a request to vote for their cause.
  3. I decided to check out Feed a Need and volunteered a few hours.
  4. That got me thinking. It must be easy to spend a few hours each week doing some random act of kindness. What are some good avenues?

I went ahead and posted this question on Twitter and put it on my LinkedIn profile and started this network. Frankly, I am not sure what we are going to do in that forum. I am sure that people will have ideas. We can start out by sharing information about places where others can volunteer. I will list a few that I know of. It will be great to see which organizations and individuals are channeling volunteers towards helping the world.

Feel free to join and contribute. Let us find and share information on more organizations like Feed a Need.

Wishing you all a Happy and Glorious New Year.

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