Thanksgiving 2008

It is Thanksgiving day. I have a lot to be thankful of.¬† I can’t imagine my life without any of these.

  • The Internet – For giving me a way to earn a living
  • Browsers and plugins (I spend more time of my life in this app than with my family)
  • Email – My second most heavily used app
  • Blogging Tools – This is how I make all my new friends and have conversations
  • Micro-blogs like Twitter – My major source of news
  • Scripting Languages like Python – How I still (after 30 years) keep in touch with programming
  • Wikis – How I share knowledge both inside our company and outside
  • Social Networks like Facebook¬† – Another way to keep in touch with extended family and friends
  • Ning – How I set up and participate in many social networks
  • Cell Phones – My constant companions for calling, communicating and reading
  • Podcasts – Make the time on my treadmill a pleasure and keep me informed
  • Skype/Gtalk – How I get almost all my work done with colleagues in different parts of the world
  • delicious – A social bookmarking tool that serves as my memory to cool resources
  • YouTube and Other Videos – a bigger source of entertainment and education than TV
  • The Tech and Startup Communities – That give me the oxygen I need to survive
  • Bloggers – My virtual teachers
  • My Students and Colleagues – They accelerate my learning by sharing
  • My family, friends and colleagues – They make life worth living