Talk: Technology Trends

Last week, I had the opportunity to give a talk at NECTEC (National Electronics and Computer Technology Center) during my one week visit to Thailand. When I visit other countries, I always find an opportunity to talk to a tech crowd. This one was fun. I was tracing some of the short/medium/long term trends in technology and their impact on learning, teaching, collaboration and how we work. I will cover some of those topics in future blogs.

This was a great group of about 20 people. Most of them (I got a few biz cards) seemed to be Ph.Ds and some of them got their post graduate degrees from USA. A few of them were working in Computational Linguistics. We were brainstorming some ideas on natural language parsing issues of non-English languages like Thai.

I think, at a certain level, all software people are alike. They seem to have similar interests and seem to get excited by very similar things. It may be fun to explore Social Networking for Software Developers, internationally.

The presentation itself was just a placeholder. It was just a means of starting a dialog. I was more interested in talking about the application and impact of these trends than the trends themselves.