Do one tiny doable thing

I don’t make New Year resolutions (stopped a while ago). But if I had to make one, this is what I would do – Write down the future I want and do one tiny doable thing every day. Fortunately, I am already doing something very close. So it should not be a difficult leap.

Here is some great advice from Throw a lifeline to your future:

Every single day, do one tiny doable thing to make that future happen, and do it the very first thing. You want to write a bestselling novel? Spend 30 minutes a day writing the very first thing you do. Want to run the company you work for? Do one tiny step towards that future before you do the rest of your job. Want to write a great app you can be proud of? Spend the first 30 minutes learning what you have to learn and doing what you have to do to make that happen. What about all the things you’re supposed to do? They can wait for all of 30 minutes while you do some tiny, but constructive, step for you.

I have heard this time and again. A friend of mine gets up every morning and fills up an entire page with writing. Just one page. She tells me that it has been one of the most rewarding habits she developed, in her life.

Working to make your future happen, is an open ended task.  I found some good advice on working on open ended tasks, last year.