TED Talks: Beauty Matters

Murray Gell-Mann talks about Beauty, Symmetry and Emergence  in his TED Talk: Beauty and Truth in Physics (video). It was one of those high quality TED presentations you get the privilege to watch once in a while.

  • Beauty Matters
  • Math Matters
  • Symmetry Matters

Murray also concludes the 20 minute talk with a description of “Emergence”:

YOu don’t need something more to get something more. That is what emergence means.

Life can emerge from Physics and Chemistry and lots of accidents.

The human mind can emerge from neurobiology and lots of accidents.

The amazing thing about this talk is that beauty can be a test for a good theory. Listening to this talks certainly gives you a lot to reflect about. It suddenly dawned on me that a lot of what he was saying, applies to software, as well.