Innovation – The New Currency of Global Competition

Google Alerts on Innovation brought a gem to my inbox today – The Innovation Game Notes from the article:

  • Freedom to move, freedom to think, freedom¬† to create spurs innovation – from the article in economist
  • “Creative people like to challenge constraints and authority – and very scared people are not very innovative” – from Tim Brown the head of Ideo.
  • In today’s knowledge economy, innovation is the new currency of global competition
  • “Innovation is no longer about money, it’s about the climate: are individuals allowed to flourish and take risks?” – William Weldon, chairman of Johnson & Johnson

This article provides a very interesting perspective on why top down innovation may not work. I wonder whether there is a concept of Innovation Quotient and how you would measure it for an organization, community or nation.  Googling a bit, I see the following useful links:

What is your organization’s Innovation Quotient?

Developing an Innovation Quotient

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