Robots at Work

A set of slides at Inside the Robot Lab by Wayne Rash. According to Wayne:

While most of iRobot’s developments are based on its successful PackBot chassis, there are some new developments. One is a robot development platform, called Create, and another is a new, massive robot called the Warrior.

I checked Create at iRobot’s site:

iRobot Create is an affordable programmable robot pre-assembled to facilitate the development of new robots. The iRobot Create enables advanced high school students, college students, and serious robot developers to program behaviors, sounds, and movements, and even add additional electronics to create the robot of their dreams.

It is interesting to see that high school students are one of the communities they are targeting. I was toying with the idea of setting up a computer club for middle/high school students (first in India where I will be spending the next few months) that includes a Robotics group. I was originally thinking of NXT but may look at Create too.