Scalable Web Architectures – Part II

I attended a talk by on of the Cal Henderson, and blogged about it.

Talk: Scalable Web Architectures

I also found his book from

Building Scalable Web Sites by Cal Henderson

Cal mentioned that the inspiration for Flickr architecture came from the Live Journal Architecture, which got me looking into finding some articles.

A presentation on Live Journal Architecture

This got me interested in scalable architectures. This got me Memcached – a general purpose distributed caching system that is developed by Danga Interactive and used by many other sites like Wikipedia, Facebook, Digg, Slashdot etc.

Link to Wikipedia Page on Memcached

A friend (VP of engineering at mentioned that MySpace was based on .NET. I did a bit of searching and found this article in baseline.

Baseline Article on MySpace Architecture

My Search continues. Will keep this blog updated as I find more info. Links on Scalability

– added 18th Jul 07

Scalable Web Architecture Library

– added 24th Aug 07