Krugle at Yahoo

I was browsing through Yahoo Developer Network yesterday. I have not done this in a while. What led me to YDN?

  1. I was chatting with someone using Yahoo instant messenger (YIM) and noticed something called plug-in’s in the tool bar
  2. I do not recall seeing that before (might not have noticed it) and went to investigate. Yahoo has all these cool plug-ins to scribble, co-browse etc. Some of their are third party plug-ins.
  3. The moment I saw “third party”, I decided there must be a developers kit some where for plug-ins. That took a bit more of exploration and that is how I stumbled on Krugle.
  4. I have used Krugle before and liked it. I found the messenger plug-in sdk, finally.
  5. This morning, I came across this announcement via Scoble’s blog

This makes sense. Krugle has a great code search engine. Yahoo has some great Web developers tools. They can probably extend Krugle to use Yahoo Pipes too.