Sharing Ideas

When you get an idea, what do you do? Write it down somewhere and lock it up? Most of us probably do not even write it down. And probably never share it. Daniel Scocco thinks that innovation is about sharing.

Instead of keeping ideas tightly locked try to share them and collect other people’s insights. Using this approach you will realize that the ideas alone will not suffice. You will need to test, execute, understand the market, research, test some more, and so on.

After all, even if others steal an idea, they cannot steal the brain that generated the idea.

6 thoughts on “Sharing Ideas

  1. Yeah that is the idea. They can not steal the brain and most importantly they can not steal th execution!

    Anyway I just discovered your blog, and you have plenty of interesting info here. The design is beaultiful also, clean and simple.

    Good work.

  2. Thanks.

    The first thing that struck me was how similar our thinking is. You wrote about Googling the idea to see whether there are any other similar ideas. I was telling people to do it as the second step.

    1. Log your ideas
    2. Search for similar ideas
    3. Test it out with a few friends/colleague
    4. Write down a list of steps to expand the idea
    5. Find some ten uses of it and see whether anyone is willing to pay for one or two of those
    6. Build a prototype and show it to larger circle
    7. Start building the product/service based on the idea

    We actually built several products this way.

    I will definitely track your blog. You have lots of good ideas. My experience is that Sharing ideas in fact make the ideas themselves a lot better. It is a great test to see whether anyone gets excited by it.

  3. Vic,
    You can create a blog and start writing about your ideas – one for each article. This will allow people to view them and comment them. Here are some tools you can use:

    WordPress (you can start a blog called IdeaLog
    Yahoo360 (you can not only have a blog but invite other people who may contribute)

    There may be others.

    — Dorai

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