Internet Singularity

What an interesting concept! From Thinking Beyond Web 2.0: Social Computing and the Internet Singularity.

Quoting a quote from Dion’s blog:

The idea that a deeper and tighter coupling between the online and offline worlds will accelerate science, business, society, and self-actualization.” – Dr. Gary Flake

Dion talks about convergence and cross pollination of ideas from Web 2.0 to enterprises.

Here are some thoughts/wishes.

  • Mashups become as simple as writing Excel Macros
  • AJAX is not an after thought but gets absorbed into the way we build UI
  • Highlevel declarative Mashup Markup Languages spring up
  • Webservices (both lite and heavy) take root and may become the norm
  • Loosely coupled applications with thousands and even millions of components appear as different services
  • A robust platform springs up with webservices proxies and other infrastructural services
  • Data Services ( a new kind of service where database capabilities are available as webservices) absorb the complexity of storing, retrieving and scaling data access
  • Semantics take hold. Whether it is through Microformats or RDF or some fusion of these, does not really matter
  • Social Computingness (wiki-ness, blog-ness, ajax-ness, mashup-ness, openapis-ness, software-as-service-ness) become the core philosophies of development

I like the spirt of this whole thing. Just wish that is where we are going. It will not kill jobs or companies. There is so much to do.

2 thoughts on “Internet Singularity

  1. I believe it is where we’re going. In time AJAX will be seem as just another piece to something larger. For instance, most consumer-facing RIAs interact with public facing servers. Most business applications don’t. Instead, they interact with servers behind the firewall. That’s where REA come in. REA has three pillars:
    • Ajax// for rich and highly interactive application capabilities
    • SOA// for standards-based, loosely-coupled business services
    • The Web// for Ajax application to SOA business service connectivity
    There is a lot to do but think the enablers are here.

  2. Mike,
    Thanks for that insight. I agree about the enablers. I think all the enablers will evolve into something simpler, easier than what they are right now.

    — Dorai

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