Why I Love Python

While my feeling for Python is not exactly love, it is close. I am not a professional developer. So I dabble in Python a lot. It allows me to do a few nifty things with very little learning. And the code looks simple. So when I found the reference to Bruce’s Why I love Python presentation, I could not resist downloading it. And I hope Bruce won’t mind my reproducing the creative graphic.


I started using it, because many people I respect (like Jon Udell, Danny Ayers, Mark Pilgrim, Sam Ruby) seem to use it. I tried to find out whether anyone else’s is in love with Python, and was pleasantly surprised.

Update: 28th June 2020

Now I have a few more reasons to like it.

  • We build all our tools and products with Python. With 3.x it is even more attractive.
  • It has become one of the most popular languages for building AI, Machine Learning and Data Science applications.
  • Many educational institutions teach Python as the first language to teach programming. Since Python is a very high-level language, students can get started and build things easily.
  • We use Python to teach our courses on building WebApps (with a micro-framework called Flask), Data Apps and Machine Learning Apps.


Python Learning Material

Life is too short – You need Python

4 thoughts on “Why I Love Python

  1. I think that something which gives great validity to the reasons why one should really enjoy Python, is the character of these drawings. They make me think, “Hey, some REAL person drew these drawings, someone I can relate to… If this person, like me, has had problems in the past and now Python is helping to solve them, well, I have been sold the idea.”

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