A Test for WebMarker

Webmarker allows you to mark a portion of the text and assign a link to it.

Web-Marker lets you

* Mark (highlight) portions of web pages
* Get a link to these marked pages
– Share the link with others
– Bookmark it for later use
* Copy the marked-text to the clipboard

To view this capability, please install  the extension and click on the link below (this extension currently works only in Firefox browser).

Here is the link.

Right click on this link and choose “Open Link In a New Tab”. It should show portion of my blog entry on Granular Addressing in Google Video.It does work and it is pretty cool. WebMarker is a Firefox plug-in. Thanks to Natarajan who pointed this out to me as a comment in my blog on Granular Addressing.

4 thoughts on “A Test for WebMarker

  1. Dorai, it would be better if the WebMarker link points to a blog permalink rather than the base blog page. This will make link valid even if the post/blog (to which the link points to) does not exist on your blog front page.

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