Blogs: Different Strokes for Different Folks

When I started blogging, I was thinking about myself. I thought of using it as a log of my learning. I was not thinking much about readers. I read more blogs than I write. I think the ratio is probably 100:1 (For every 100 posts I read, I probably write one).

I started observing my reading as well as writing habits. Participating in group blogging exercise at ProBlogger, helped me think more about my favorite bloggers. I wrote about them in Bloggers are Thinkers… . Then I started getting a few readers for my blogs. Some of them even commented on my posts. This is a good feeling. So there are kindred spirits who care about what I write. While the feeling of being noticed is great, it also makes you more responsible. I was thinking that I need to write something useful and relevant. There are several characteristics of useful blogs. For relevance, I decided to change the nature of the blogs a bit.

My learnlog reflects my interests as a person – software technology, applications of technology, learning, innovation, improvement, thinking, Math. All this is mixed up in one blog. So I decided to split it now into multiple blogs. WordPress makes it easy to do. So here are my blogs:

LearnLog (this one) covers learning, innovation, improvement, thinking, web and collaborative technologies
About Math (stuff I read and think about Math)

A bite of XML – XML technologies, Applications of XML (this is the area where I spent a lot of time consulting)

Science Fiction – I love scifi. There are lots of cool ideas that make you think. I want to share them.