WordCamp: Matt Mullenweg

“Software has no single killer feature. There are hudreds or thousands of them and each user has its own set of 10 or 20 that makes it a killer application for them.” – Matt Mullenweg in WordCamp 2006

I wrote this down from my memory so the words may not be exactly right. But I think I captured the spirit of what he was trying convey. I was impressed by the humility and the understanding shown by Matt in his “State of the Word” address at WordCamp 2006.

Matt mentioned that it is easy to add features but difficult to take them out. At WordPress their goal is to keep the core light and simple. I think it is a good philosophy. WordPress is one of the coolest products I use.

The WordCamp was fun. It is great to see a community of bloggers sharing tips participating in interactive sessions. I learnt a lot in a few hours with a few interactions, that would have taken me days of reading blogs and books.

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