Mashup Markup Language

I was spending some time looking at various mashups. I was wondering whether a Mashup Markup Language (MML) will be useful to make mashup development simpler. MML will have the following characteristics:

  1. It will be an XML vocabulary
  2. It will describe backend services, the mashup mapper and the front end
  3. Backend services section will describe each subset of the service the mashup uses
  4. Mashup Mapper will describe how to transform the backend service to be used by the mashup front end. It will describe both client to server and server to client transformation
  5. The mashup client section will provide an abstract description of the client
  6. A set of interaction elements will describe both client to server and server to client interaction
  7. Look at MML as the abstract description of MVC of a mashup

Why MML? I see the following benefits.

  • It will help us to think in abstract description of a mashup
  • Will provide a starting point for building some generic reusable components for building mashups
  • Will provide higher level description of mashup UI as well

I would love to discuss with anyone who may be interested in taking this idea further during Mashup Camp.