Leveraging Blogs

Commercial applications to leverage blogs are appearing. When a company like eBay makes a move like this, this trend is likely to be picked up by others.

“Our approach would be to develop new tools that we can turn over to bloggers, so they can define the natural shape of the marketplace on their own,” he said in an interview with the Financial Times.

His vision is to reportedly empower worldwide bloggers by allowing them to create hyperlinks between niche communities and relevant products.

Some of the ideas for the software are likely to come from eBay’s open-source network, Mr McCallum said.

Source: Ebay software to harness the power of blogs

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    Thank you for taking the time to comment and providing links. Both the subjects you mentioned “Blog as a Teaching Tool” and “Visualization of Comments on Blogs” are topics dear to me. While I spend a little bit more time on the farmer, the latter took a back seat since I do not see the practice of commenting very popular for various reasons. Will go through your blogs and provide more specific comments.

    Will be happy to exchange private mail about Mysore and Bangalore (I lived in Bangalore for 6 years and did a project for about 6 months in Mysore).

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