You can track my slow progress through The Ten Faces of Innovation by my posts. A couple of  description of Collaborator, I like, in this book.

The Collaborator is the rare person who truly values the team over the individual. In the interest of getting things done, the Collaborator coaxes people out of their work silos to form multidisciplinary teams. In doing so, the person in this role dissolves traditional boundaries within organizations and creates opportunities for team members to assume new roles. More of a coach than a boss, the Collaborator instills their team with the confidence and skills needed to complete the shared journey.

Collaborators know that the race is won in the baton process.

Both these descriptions point to a rare quality (compared to individual brilliance). As I read these chapters, several thoughts pop-up in my mind:

  • How can you train people to be collaborators?
  • How can you recognize and reward them?
  • Is this one of the essential qualities of an entrepreneur?
  • What does it take to be a collaborator?

I think collaborators are people who are very secure, and know their inner strengths. They probably do not need the instant gratification or recognition of individual brillanceEvery chapter in this book contain several insights that make you think and rethink your roles at work.

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  1. Great perspective on collaborators. We need more of these. It probably is a key quality entrepreneurs use to grow lasting networks!

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