Chief Innovation Catalyst?

I just read Chief Innovation Officer. I think it is cool to have a position like that. Or even a role of CTO office.

I would rather invent a new title – Chief Innovation Catalyst or something similar. His/Her job would be to promote, encourage innovation in an organization. CIC can also set up the minimal infrastructure to do a bunch of thngs:

  • Set up an Idea Wiki or Blog and encourage people to share ideas
  • Encourage coming up with ideas (any ideas) on a voluntary basis
  • Use blog as a medium to express ideas, have discussions and propogate them inside a company
  • Set up a problem blog/wiki (any one can contribute). Since problems trigger ideas for solutions
  • Create a mind map of interlinked ideas (visualization may help come up with new ideas)

Just to encourage people, it should be possible to have people post from their cell phones (sms), email clients, web clients, blog clients etc.

This is just the starting point.
P.S: The techie in me is thinking of lot of tools to help this process along – a microformat for ideas, pub/sub of ideas and many more.