Nanoformats and Information Feeds

From Jay Fienberg who thinks that the process of coming up with Microformats is “way too formal”.

Naoformats, Microformats, RDF, XML vocabularies are different ways of encoding data in machine readable formats. While RDF and Ontologies are at one end of the spectrum (in terms of formality), nano format is at the other end. Irrespective of the format, I am encouraged that the industry is slowly becoming aware of method of encoding data in web pages, blogs for easy harvesting by automated agents.

One of the most recent examples of harvesting data from RSS feeds is edgeio. It retrieves data from an information feed (in RSS format) that is marked as a listing. This is a very different approach from Googlebase. All these approaches are worth watching carefully.

Here is a link for different formats from Structured Blogging.