Internet – What is it doing to Relationships?

What do you think?

What is it doing to the relationships and social capital that Americans have with friends, relatives, neighbors, and workmates? Those on one side of the debate extol the internet’s ability to expand relationships — socially and geographically. Those on the other side of the debate fear that the internet will alienate people from their richer, more authentic relations.

Instead of disappearing, people’s communities are transforming: The traditional human orientation to neighborhood- and village-based groups is moving towards communities that are oriented around geographically dispersed social networks.

The February 2004 Social Ties survey asked respondents whether they have sought help
from people in their social networks pertaining to eight specific key issues in their lives.
The eight issues are:

  • Looking for information about a major illness or medical condition
  • Making a major investment or financial decision
  • Finding a new place to live
  • Changing jobs
  • Buying a personal computer
  • Putting up drywall in your house
  • Deciding who to vote for in an election.

Caring for someone with a major illness or medical condition

Here is the report. Thanks to Bill Ives’ Internet Ties.