Curiosity And Other Quotients

I was reading Jay Cross’s Insatiable Curiosity yesterday. It got me thinking about curiosity, in general. I went to Google for help. I tried to search for “curiosity quotient” but did not have much luck. So I broadened the search to “quotient”.

I came upon the following interesting ones.

IQ Page on Wikipedia. Following this, I found Flynn Factor which I did not know about. It was interesting to read about IQ Correlations.

To my surprise, Weired Quotient came up on top of the search. I am scared to take this test, afraid that my WQ may be a bit too high.

Social Quotient looked interesting. There is even a test from SELF magazine. Probably worth investigating.

Emotional Quotient (EQ) was the next interesting one. I had heard about it earlier. I think I even took a test once.

Charisma Quotient seemed interesting. But the link did not lead to anything interesting. So I let it go.

Nutritional Quotient is about your health and nutrition. Since I was munching on something not very healthy, I passed on that one.

Leadership Quotient – combines the body, mind, heart and spirit to make up the whole of the leader.

I came across a study called Psychology of Curiosity and and wrote a  new post on Curious About Curiosity? (Nov 28, 2009)

Discovery Quotient – Designed to measure the ability to discover ideas for innovation.  Came across this when I started reading Innovator’s DNA.

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