How to Think like Designers?

Fast Company has fascinating articles. Their blog is a great resource. Here is an article on How To Think Like Designers.

Companies that want to win in the future have to understand how to make the most of design thinking. That means non-designers need to learn how to think like designers. Here’s how, from the six jurors who helped select our Masters of Design.

Some excerpts:

  • Observe at the intersection of things
  • A diverse read on culture is essential
  • Defer judgment
  • Focus on front-end opportunities — the end user — before any ideation begins
  • Design thinking is iterative. It’s okay to be approximate in the beginning and then narrow and narrow
  • Creative leaps of faith are part of how innovation happens
  • It’s about discovery – prototypes provide a common language
  • Business thinking is about crisp, binary conditions. Design thinking assumes that there are alternative options
  • The word “design” comes originally from Latin “designare,” which means to draw the essence of. Design is a process of abstraction.

3 thoughts on “How to Think like Designers?

  1. I agree. To be good at programming, just math and electronics are not enough. We also need strong liberal arts background. To have extensive learning in other forms of arts will be very helpful.

  2. That is why design teams with an appreciation for both the underlying technology and aesthetics produce much better designs. And tools that help us separate these two without stepping on each other are the most preferred ones.

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