Ideas and Thoughts on Interlinking Communities

One of the ideas Doug Engelbart often talks about, is the establishment of a “Networked Improvement Community” often referred to as a NIC. For example, if a set of interested participants form a community with the idea of improving the web, then it is a Web NIC. For example, W3C could be considered a Web NIC.
In his typical meta-think style, Doug also talks about a NIC of NICs. What is the purpose? You guessed it. The meta NIC helps NICs improve. A NIC is not the same as a community of practice (COP). A COP is more generic. A NIC is a special type of COP focussed on improving something. Both NIC and meta NIC are great ideas. How do we start implementing them? Where are the tools? What are the processes?

I might have just found another community which may be interested in doing some work in this space. Here is a link to their wiki page on Ideas and Thoughts for Interlinking Communities. While their focus is not in specifically building improvement communities, they are definitely looking at the semantics of interlinking communities. If they come up with anything we can definitely leverage it to build a NICNet.

Source: InfoMinder Alert on SIOC home page

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