Discovery of Phosphorous or Why No Idea is Really Bad

A while ago, I blogged about Keeping an Idea Log. Just list down your ideas in a book or a blog or a document and come back and re-visit it. I tell people that even if the idea is not great, it can lead to other ideas.

I bought the book more than a year ago. I even read some portions of it. Since it was too bulky, I could not read it on my treadmill, which is where most of my reading is done nowadays. Then I located the audio verison –  A short history of nearly everything By Bill Bryson.

A oddball story caught my attention about the discovery of phosphorous. I could not believe it. So I came back home and tried it in my new favorite search engine Lexxe. Go ahead. Try it. Click on the link and type “How Phosphorous was discovered?” and see what you get.

Just proves my point. Even the most ridiculous idea some times leads you somewhere. Not every one does. But how do you know, unless you try it?

P.S: While I was searching for the story of discovery, I found this useful link from The Age.