Reading and Technology

I am amazed at what technology is doing to my reading in the past year or so. First I subscribed to O’Reilly book service called Safari. I have been reading most of my technical books online at this service.

Then my son introduced me to Audible. In the past six months, I have read more audio books than physical books. I download books into my iPod (actually I permanently borrowed my wife’s) and take it to the gym and on my long walks. Audio books let me combine my two passions – walking and reading.
A friend of mine pointed to Zinio when I was in India. Since the internet access was not all that great in India, Zinio helped me a lot. I could download Business Week, Red Herring and other magazines and read them at leisure.

In addition, I just started listening to podcasts (thanks to iTunes) and read a lot of blogs. A year ago, none of these were very prominent in my life. I think I read more than twice of what I used to.

I love technology and thankful to all those innovators who keep making my life better.

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