Seth Godin in Entrepreneur Magazine

Like my previous post, this one is taken from a tag cloud from Entrepreneur Magazine Tweet Stream. Like many of you I am a Seth Godin fan.



Here are links to articles and videos:

Video: Seth Godin on Failing Until You Succeed

RT @WhatsInspiring: If it scares you, it might be a good thing to try. — Seth Godin

Video: Seth Godin on Personal Branding with @BryanElliott

Video: Seth Godin on Psychological Traps That Hold People Back with @BryanElliott

Video: Why Business Leaders Should Think Like Artists with @bryanelliott and Seth Godin

Seth Godin on the 3 Essential Skills Every Entrepreneur Should Cultivate by @bryanelliott

See Seth Godin live in Orange County, CA for a special Q&A, hosted by @BryanElliott.

Seth Godin on why waiting for someone else to notice you isn’t the best method for success.

Seth Godin on how to deal with rejection and still do amazing things.

LinkLog: Sep 24, 2007

The Interrupt Driven Life

I am on to about 5-7 such activities, myself with one or two primary ones that take up most of my time.

Hacker News

Just discovered it today. Through Reddit.

Hype Cycle

Technology Trigger ->Peak of Inflated Expectations ->Trough of Disillusionment ->Slope of Enlightment -> Plateau of Productivity – Could this be a spiral? An example of a hype cycle graph for Emerging Technology from Gartner.

The Genius is in the Details

Not sure whether I really agree with this. There is a place for both bottom up and top down thinking. The high level abstractions some times happen after successive refinements of low level details. I am sure that the Gmail founder thought about email first before he started thinking about heads and disks.