Blogs – Keeping Content Current

I watch my blog stats once in a while (used to be a daily routine once). I notice that there are lots of readers for some of my old posts even though some of them may be outdated. When I noticed this, I stopped covering news on my blogs. I even wrote a post titled Does Currency of Information Matter?

Once in a while, I feel compelled to revisit a post and make some minor adjustments – add some new links or add a comment to updated information. I have been thinking about keeping my posts (at least a few of the popular ones) updated. Here are some ideas.

  1. Keep updating the posts with current information when relevant, but keep a copy of the old version. Obviously we need to use the same permalink (so that people see the latest version), but does that violate the concept of a perma link?
  2. Keep the old blog but change the beginning to link to a new version of the blog
  3. Write a new blog and give a new version number with a link to all the old versions (in case people want to follow entries and comments)

I may try all these different techniques. I am sure that some one already solved this problem. If you did, can you share it here? If not, any thoughts?