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Python eBooks (Free)

50 free ebooks on Python

Python Games with Source Code

One of the best ways to learn a language is to write a few apps and get the feel. If you can write your games or copy an existing game and modify it, you will learn by both reading and doing. Here are a few resources for learning Python through simple games.

Python Teaching and Learning Resources (Presentations)

This presentation by @dsandler says it more eloquently than I can ever do
complete course with notes and power point presentations

Simple but not Simplistic – Squeezing most out of Computer Science 1 Using Python – A set of slides for giving an introduction to Python. Covers why, what and how (over 60+ slides).

Python Coding Guidelines

Python Coding Guidelines Contains links to three resources two of them from Python Org and one written by Rob Knight.

Python Reference

Python Quick Reference

Python Library Reference

Python Idioms, Patterns, Advanced Programming

Advanced Python Programming
Code Like a Pythonista – Python Idioms

Functional Programming Howto – Python

Python Examples and Applications

Python by Example

Python Sample Programs
PyChinko – A rete based rule engine for Python
A 15 line web server in Python

The Python Grimoire explains how to perform common programming tasks in Python
Pythonic File Searches
PyParsing Applications

Extracting Data from HTML
Python Parser Generators
Towards a standard parser Generator
Libraries, Tools, Utilities


An assortment of Python Libraries
Patterns for concurrent distributed systems
Medusa is an architecture for building long-running, high-performance network servers in Python.
DynWin, a dynamic GUI class library for Python and Win32
Exploring Parsing and Virtual Machines through Python
PyLR – A parser generator
Python Snippets and Recipes
how to write HTML using Python
The World of Python Web Services
Parsing with the Spark Module(Python)
Building Recursive Descent Parsers with Python
Text Processing with Python
Charming Python articles
XML Matters (Python related)
Programming Topics

Links to Other Resource Lists

Python links on

Good to great Python Reads

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