Extensible AJAX?

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A proposal for an eXtensible Ajax Platform based on Nexaweb's XAP. XAP is an open source declarative framework for building web 2.0 applications. It enables the richness and functionality of desktop software in a browser environment, leverages the power of Ajax, but significantly lowers the complexity and cost of code development and maintenance. Interesting comments […]

Fluid Intelligence

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What is Intelligence? There are several definitions. Here are a couple of them. Intelligence is the ability to comprehend; to understand and profit from experience. Intelligence is effectively perceiving, interpreting and responding to the environment. I would suggest a slight modification to the first definition. Change "experience" to "information and experience". The definition page (search […]

Data Must Travel

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Data must travel for it to be useful. In its journey data gets transformed. It gets trimmed, enriched, used, reused and triggers various business events. Previously data just travelled corporate networks. Now "data must travel the web". From Client to Databases Data travels from a web-client or mobile-client to a web server. It gets dispatched […]

Mindful Learning

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Mindfulness revolves around certain psychological states that are really different versions of the same thing: 1. Openness to Novelty 2. Alertness to Distinction 3. Sensitivity to different contexts 4. Implicit, if not explicit, awareness of multiple perspectives, and 5. Orientation in the present Each leads to the others and back to itself. Learning a subject […]