Seminars and Workshops

My Recent Talks

Information Tools for Business

In this talk, I mostly cover several open source and some commercial tools you can use to market your products and services.

– How do you discover new sources of information?

– How do you track competition?

– How do you track your industry?

– How can you filter information to get the most relevant pieces of Intelligence?

– How can you transform a load of unstructured data into usable, actionable Intelligence?

– How do you share information with your colleagues, partners and customers?

Tools for Learning

How do you continuously build skills?

In this seminar/workshop, we cover the following:

1. How People Learn?

2. Informal Learning

3. Project based Learning

4. A simple infrastructure for learning

5. Sharing Knowledge

6. How to leverage Technology to Learn more Effectively

7. Learning about Learning and Thinking about Thinking

Tracking Trends and Exploring Opportunities

1. A trend is your friend

2. Tracking Trends – Mega Trends, Mini-Trends and Micro-Trends

3. Validating Trends

4. Leveraging Trends

5. Finding Your Opportunity Space

6. Identifying Problems

7. Ideastorming

8. Validating Ideas

9. Concept Prototyping

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